woensdag 9 april 2014

Still here......

Hi remember me? My name is Joke and I used to update this blog a lot more.....
I've been very busy with the girls and subbing at the American School (AISG).
We've added yoga classes to our music school so to support the teacher and the group Haiwen and I go whenever we can. We have class on Tuesday night and Thursday afternoon.

Different views from our balcony
Izzie is doing great and she's entered the phase of separation anxiety. Good news developmental wise but not so much decibel wise....... She screams bloody murder when I'm as little as one step away. "Bloody murder" is putting it mildly still.

Now I'm subbing yet again but I have some free time to write here.
Last week my work visa application got denied which is not nice. Our school has to get me a expert certificate but we probably can't get one as we don't have enough capital.

Grandma and miss Iz
So now I'm not allowed to work at our school...... or anywhere else for that matter. How annoying! We'll just make do for the time being. I'm looking at other ways to get a work visa now.

Together with grandma
Since my tourist visa is only valid for 30 days at a time I have to leave China every month. Luckily HongKong still counts as a foreign country ;)
At the end of my last entrance I got busy subbing. I had to combine a sub day and a HK run.
Not ideal but I got it done; school until 15.00, cab to the train station, catch a train to Shenzhen (basically riding past the school again....) do a border run, take the metro for one stop into HK and than everything in reverse. I got home by 21.00. Haiwen had a HK day too so before we went home we met up at the train station and had a snack.

Instructions at the train station
Last week we had a lot of thunderstorms. Some great thunder and lightning to be heard and seen!

My chinese white board hand writing; I copied the teacher's notes
Yeah, that's pretty much all that has been going on. I've had a very sore throat and felt bad the last week. It's getting better now.
Waiting to be healthy again so I can get back to working out.
The combo of being sick and Izzie screaming as I'm not holding her hasn't been great exercise wise. I can do some stuff whilst holding her of course but rope skipping is out of the question ;)

Some more sleep would be nice too, especially on AISG days: the alarm clock goes off at 5.50 and I leave the house at 6.15. Haiwen deemed my wake up music "too cheerful" this morning, hahaha. Well, he got to stay in bed so he gets no say in this matter.

Outdoor practice in HuangPu
I visited the kindergartens' website earlier and downloaded some pics.

Morning exercise at school

Art lesson at school
Bye, hope I'll get some time to keep you updated soon :)