maandag 30 juni 2014

Quick Sanya visit

Last Friday Anastasia asked me to go and play in Sanya. OK, cool! After checking with Haiwen I decided to go with Izzie. Lexie went to school as usual.

On the plane
We left on Tuesday morning. We had planned to arrive in Sanya at the same time (Anastasia was flying in from HongKong) but for unknown reasons our flight got cancelled.

A room with a view
Izzie and I took an earlier flight as to avoid loosing too much time on the island. When we got to the hotel we were shown a room with a big bed. "Excuse me, we need two beds" I said. Oops!! Luckily they got the booking wrong so we got a free upgrade to sea view! Well, OK, actually three beds if you count Izzie's cot ;)

Anastasia arrived a little bit later and the relaxing and playing with Izzie began. A part of the pool had sand in it and Izzie was fascinated by it. She crawled through the water and even went under for a bit. A few surprised blinks and a hug from mommy and all was well. The sand tasting went fine too ;)

Swim, swim, swim
We hung out together most of the time but sometimes we split up to enjoy either the spa or the gym. 
The spa was very nice. The private rooms had a steam bath and a sauna inside. Not bad ;)

Island beauty
The last day we had to leave at 11.00. Our alarm clock Izzie woke us up around 7.00 (well done!!). Plenty of time for a swim and a leisurely breakfast before departure.

After swimming, poolside stroller
After checking out we were driven to the airport and our little tropical escape was over.
It felt like we had been gone for a week but in fact it was only 2 nights.
Maybe again next year?

Now it is Monday morning, the last day of June. Last year around this time I was in HK, as big as a house waiting for Isabelle to make her appearance. What a difference with this year!

Taking a little nap on the way back to the airport
Next week Isabelle and me will be coming to Holland. Please send many happy travel vibes :)
We're flying on Monday night so we are arriving very early on Tuesday.

Ah, so close....

Airport Izzie

Happy Lexie with her new bracelet

woensdag 18 juni 2014

Another pic update

Haiwen, Lexie and grandpa at school

Monday is uniform day

Izzie enjoys a leisurely nap

Happy father's day!

Go Holland!

Our first school concert :)

Some calligraphy practice, hahaha.

Storm clouds as seen from our balcony