woensdag 18 februari 2015

What's this? (Wat is dit nou???)

Ladies and gentlemen.....
Believe it or not..... here's a blog from China, wooohooooo!!!!

Izzie is sleeping and Haiwen is playing with Lexie so I have some time to sit down and type, tadaaa!!

The girls in Bangkok airport
It is Chinese New Year's Eve and the year of the ram will start tomorrow. We just had a family dinner at the other side of town with auntie, uncle and some close family friends. Before that we visited uncle's home for a little while. Izzie and Lexie were very happy and behaved well, oh yeah!

Gym in Anantara resort
Last week we went on holiday in Phuket, Thailand. Grandma also went with us. We had a great time at 2 different resorts. A week at one place can be a bit boring and we wanted to use our flights well. First we stayed in Anantara and after that we moved to Club Med.

Morning stroll
Well, I must admit: a pool villa is the way to go!!! Luckily we had enough membership points to afford one, hahaha. What is more convenient than having your own pool with 2 small kids?
There was a kitchen as well so grandma provided the meals :)

Beach time snack!
We did general holiday stuff which included visits to the kids club and swimming. Haiwen and I also went to the gym almost every day.

Since Thailand is Thailand I went to get some lovely massages as well, very good to enhance the holiday vibes!!

Our housing at Club Med was a lot less luxurious but there were other perks: the baby club and the petit club :) Lexie went to play all day long and Izzie went in for the mornings so we three adults had some chill out time too. 

Next week Lexie is home from kindergarten because of the New Year's holiday. She's talking sooooooo much!!! It's incredible! I sometimes get a bit tired from reminding her to speak Dutch to me but I guess that's a small price to pay for having multi-lingual kids.

Lexie's Mandarin is the best, followed closely by Cantonese and then Dutch. She knows a lot of English words as well. At times she is playing by herself whilst revising: "dog 就是 hondje 就是 狗狗" mmmm "tiger is ook tijger is 老虎" and more interesting combo's like these. 

The flights home from Phuket did not go too great. Izzie had a huge fit and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. She kept saying/crying/screaming "mamma, mamma, mamma".
In the end it turned out that she was looking for grandma and Lexie who were sitting elsewhere. Fortunately we could join them and she settled down.

Just hanging.......
Just before landing Lexie fell asleep so you can imagine what happened when we woke her up to leave the plane.... Lots of crying all the way through passport control where there were no lines, phew!!! Auntie Qiang came to pick us up and we were home by midnight.
I had to teach 3 classes the next morning so that was a nice welcome home ;)

I'm happy that my piano student is finally starting to make music. He wants to take the ABRSM grade 8 exam so he's with me to learn about performing styles and music. 
I was pretty desperate for the first few lessons as I got 0 feedback from him and even doubted if he even wanted to play the piano. After 4 lessons he started getting much better and he seems to be enjoying himself way more :)

Well, that's it for now. Hope you are not too shocked by this sudden blog appearance, hihi.