woensdag 19 november 2014

Quick update

Ah, enjoying a Yakult together

Coconut oil in the process of solidifying, winter is here!

A little sisterly stroll

Plenty of sass!

Strolling along

Me working out

vrijdag 14 november 2014

Still here :)

Hi all, I'm still alive ;)
It just seems impossible to get a blog together these days. I'm either with Izzie, who wants to write the blog for me while possibly destroying my computer in the process, or I'm working. If not either of those two I'm working out or sleeping!

Enjoying the street side ride together
I have been working out like a mo** (insert work that mommies are not allowed to use) and am happy to report that the hard work has been paying off.

Grandparents Tummers have been here for a month. We went to Guilin and Sanya together. For Sanya we were joined by Jack and Jolien as well :)

Lexie on the balance beam at school
We had a lot of fun together and it's been a bit quiet here this week with everybody gone.

A little stroll in our compound
Now I have about half an hour left before I go to grandma Feng to keep Izzie busy while she prepares dinner. I have a case of sinusitis and I can attest to the fact that that is no fun whatsoever. 
Grandma picked Izzie up around 14.30 so I could have a bit of a rest. It's 17.23 at this moment.

Izzie's new hobby is walking..... Walking a lot!
Izzie surprised us all two nights ago by walking back all the way from grandma's house by herself. It took Lexie a few weeks to build up to that distance but Izzie had a big happy grin on her face the whole way.

Oooooooh yes, a relaxed holiday was had by all
Our music school is running better and better and I personally have some more students there as well. It is fun to be running your own place :) Our next concert is planned on december 21st. We had one the first weekend grandparents T were here as well.

Nice day for a lunch on the terrace
We kept the concert small on purpose so we could have it in our own studio. About 11 students and I played. The atmosphere was great and the students loved the chance to perform for an audience.

OK, my head is starting to hurt from staring at the computer screen, so I'd better stop. Enjoy the rest of the pics and I hope to be back on here soon, xoxo, J

Having fun in Guilin with opa and oma T.

Me climbing away!

Lexie in the morning of her 3rd birthday with special gift from opa and oma T.

Birthday dinner with cake :)