vrijdag 2 december 2016

Creating a Wechat post

Hello! I've been learning about making posts on Chinese Social Media.
It's been quite a messy experience but more importantly: it's fun!!
This is the body where the text goes in
This morning as I was creating a new post, I realised that I was writing in two non-native languages, that thought amused me quite a bit! 
After completing the post you can see how the welcome screen will look on a phone
To be honest: it is a little bit nerve wrecking to write in Chinese, but I've decided to be brave ✌🏻
Speaking is much easier so that's why most of info comes in the little video's that I post.
There's a 20MB upload limit so it is vital to be fast, hahahaha. There'a also an external way to upload longer vids but I haven't figured out how to do that (yet!).

You can also check the message body
Here's an example why writing Chinese is so tricky. All of these characters are pronounced as "de":
的得地德锝底........ 🙄🤔
How about "yi"?:
So yeah, you can see the problem, right?
A warning message appears before sending your post out!

It is also quite interesting to see how differently I express myself in English and Chinese as I'm trying to be culturally sensitive in both languages. Some ways are perfect in English but really weird in Chinese, also the other way round.

After acknowledging that you in fact really want to post, you have to scan this QR code with your phone.

Yesterday my student was being brilliant and I created a post from my phone about it.
Little did I know that you can't send a pic AND text (I mentioned that I was still learning, right?).
As a result only a text went out.... Oopsies.
So what to do?

我的学生吹了sol fa mi re 就停下来了。


My student stopped playing at "d".
I asked him why. His response?
"The last note has been crossed out"

I included the above in my post from today and apologized in a funny way for being so silly.
Since then I have had 64 page views in one hour. Not bad for a page that's been open for a week and a half! 
From my phone I will have to press "confirm" again

I'm also having fun on my brand new Facebook page called Jo's Music Stream. I'd love for you to join me there for more fun and giggles.
Tadaaaaa, success!
I hope you enjoyed my little blog up here and the struggles I endure to entertain you 😜