donderdag 20 augustus 2015

Yay, a blog!!!

So yet again it has been a while, no worries, we're all still here ;)

Since my last post Izzie, me Haiwen and Qiang have all had our birthdays. Lexie was having some trouble at first but when I told her she could have cake on our birthdays too it got was better. Well, after she came back on her "I hate cake!!"story ;) That went like: "so mommy, I can still have cake, right?". Hahaha, yes sweetie, you sure can!

The girls are at playgroup at school these days. All they have to do is eat, play and have an afternoon nap. They love it and come home smiling and dancing. Normal school will resume from September 1st.

At the end of last school year the kindergarten had a big performance. Izzie was a total show stopper during 'do-re-mi' from the Sound of Music. Everybody was watching her as you could hear the crowd react when she did something cute. Super proud mommy!! Lexie did great with her dance group and later also together with me. We did a performance with her class and I played soprano saxophone besides her. It was fun to be on the stage together. Our last performance was a communistic thing that promoted good values and such. Every grade had a few parents together with their child in that one. All in all a lovely morning :)

Our music school is doing well and I've been getting some new and awesome students. One girl is going to XingHai conservatory middle school in September. Her mom wants her to go study abroad at some point so she wants a Western teacher for her daughter, besides a Chinese one. Smart mommy!! Her other classes are with the head of the clarinet maffia in GZ. She had her normal class with the teacher after mine and he was super impressed with her playing. So cool to hear that!! Needless to say that the mom was pretty happy too :)

The flutist of the GSO invited me to a special flute concert a few weeks ago. I took my flute student Pippa to go and listen. We had a class first, then some dinner, followed by the concert. Afterwards I took her home to have a wine together with her mom and dad. Nice evening, huh?

I'm still working out a lot and I'm becoming stronger! Haiwen got me a door bar so now I'm working towards my first pull up. I can already do one chin up so I'm confident that I'll get there!! Weekly tennis sessions with Haiwen have been reinstated and I also try to play with my friend Becky once a week.

Last Friday I met Wim who was also featured in "Baanbrekers". His episode was filmed in Seoul but now the whole family has moved to Guangzhou.I also met his lovely wife Marjo,who is the new Dutch consul. They'll be here for a few years.