dinsdag 1 juli 2014

Blog with text, haha!

What? A blog 2 days in a row? That is so 2012!! But yes, here it is indeed.

This morning I went out shopping with Izzie. I can now tell you that the stroller kinda fits in the dressing stall but it is not easy to open or close the door....

The elevators in the mall are notoriously small but I know how to avoid the busy ones and take the much less busy ones in the well hidden corners ;)

To be honest I saw nothing interesting or worth buying so instead we went to have some dim sum.
Mom in law already made some congee for Izzie that I took along so she had that and I had a few snacks.

After this refortification it was dry outside so we could slowly venture back. When Haiwen dropped us off we got caught in a sudden downpour. The trees provided some cover and we waited until the light went green to sprint over the street. You know it only rains when you don't take an umbrella so guess what I forgot........

I wanted to buy some gifts for my nieces and nephew so I went to a "baby" shop. Time for downpour number 2 which fitted our little shopping spree perfectly :) When it was dry, but completely horribly hot and humid we went out again. Our shopping morning ended with a visit to the fruit shop in our street.

Izzie was falling asleep before we went to the baby shop but all the new sights and sounds woke her straight up. Now she is in bed taking her afternoon nap.

For this afternoon I have nothing but chilling out with Izzie planned. In the evening it is time for yoga at our music school.

July is here!!! That means we'll be in Holland soon, I'll be in Beirut for the first time ever, Nicole and Vic will have their Dutch wedding and Izzie will turn 1. Craaaaaaazy times!! :) :)

Ha, downpour number 3 is here. I'll watch it from the comfort of my sofa, bye!