donderdag 31 oktober 2013

At home

So this week my only job is being mommy. Except for one hour of teaching tomorrow morning. My students in HuangPu are at army training and my other student didn't make it.

It's a pretty sweet deal but I don't think I could become a full time mommy and not go nuts. Kudos and tons of respect for all full time mommies out there!!!

Isabelle was introduced to some aunties during a casual dim sum meeting yesterday morning. I would like to show you a pic of that meeting but posting pics is too complicated from my computer.
The two pics that you see are uploaded directly from my phone with my VPN connection on. Then for easier typing I go to my laptop and further edit this post. The VPN on my computer uses a different protocol so the server doesn't want to recognize pictures and upload them. Pffffff.......

During the meeting everybody agreed on how cute Izzie is. Problem is that Cantonese people have a pathological need to compare everything and everyone in their lives. Izzie is deemed even cuter than Lexie because of her beautiful eyes. To me this sounds weird and wrong. They are both amazingly cute! I don't mind when they say stuff like this as long as Lexie is not around. I know it's a cultural thing. What I do mind is when they say this in front of Lexie. Come on!!! She's perfect and the last thing I want her to think is that she is not beautiful. Multi culti unneeded issue..... I just make sure to counter any effect this may have on Lexie. Maybe Lexie's chinese side doesn't mind either. Mom in law asked her: 'Lexie who is more well behaved: you or little sis?' Without blinking an eye Lexie said 'little sis'. 

Lexie celebrated her birthday together with all the october kids at school this week. They got a party hat and cake. Lexie was also allowed to wear her beloved elf outfit (a birthday present form grandparents Tummers). The outfit consists of wings (called 'butterfly' by L), a crown and a wand. 

The teachers sent me a lot of pictures via Wechat. Wechat is the asian Whatsapp. Lexie's teacher added me to the group chat of all the parents in the class. OMG.... what non sense!!! Luckily there's a way to switch off notifications. Discussions vary from kids having a cold to what to wear in Beijing.
I even got a private message from Lexie's teacher: 'Lexie coughed a few times today'. She said it a bit differently but it is hard to translate. I simply send back 嗯 which is a character that sounds like 'm'. 
Haiwen was impressed with my reply which can be translated as: 'yes I've received your message but I couldn't care less' but than in a nice way, hahaha. As if I don't know that Lexie has a minor cold.

In the parent chat group they were talking about a class mate who ate medicine twice and his cough dissappeared. Everyone was saying how great that was *le sigh* One of the parents also got a bit tired of the discussion and suggested that everybody should get some sleep, hihi. I saw that the morning after ;) Speaking of sleep: I was out cold by 21.00 last night. Wee bit tired.....

zondag 27 oktober 2013

Birthday girl!

Hi everyone. It's been a bit silent here on the blog..... Just a bit busy with the girls but all is well. Will write more soon! 

zondag 20 oktober 2013

Back in China

I'm sitting in my favourite Japanese restaurant as I write this post. Isabelle is fast asleep in her stroller next to me. I got a table for us just before the big lunch rush. Now I'm waiting for grandma, 2 aunties and Lexie who are buying groceries at Aeon (Jusco). Daddy was out playing tennis this morning and he is also on the way.
It's super busy here, very unlike Holland. I wasn't courageous enough to enter Aeons 'people mountain people sea'. Too busy!!! I took Izzie to Daiso to get some wrapping paper and cute bow ties. There were almost no people there. Apparently visa isn't valid everywhere..... My HK Visa card wasn't accepted, weird huh?
Lexie and Isabelle seem unaffected by jetlag. Hahaha, I haven't told them about it either. In Dutch we say 'wat niet weet, wat niet deert' (what you don't know can't affect you). HW and I feel ok but do get some feverish shivers now and then. 
Ha, they are here, gotta go!

zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

Enjoying Limburg

Hi, we are still in Limburg! Life is good and we are enjoying a lot of family time.
My nephew Demian stayed over for the last 2 nights. Lexie and him get along well (see pics in the last blog!).
Let this meeting come to order!
A thing I miss in China is just opening the back door and letting Lexie out to play in the garden. As long as we lock the gate she can't go anywhere. Pretty ideal. It is getting a bit chilly though......

Auntie Maya made Lexie an unbreakable tiara
I don't really have much news to offer. Only that I had another root canal treatment done yesterday. I went to my old dentist who still knew me. He was satisfied with the treatment I've had so far in China. He would have done exactly the same procedure. He didn't give me crap about being tough and gave me plenty anesthesia ;).

Lexie is sitting on my lap as I type this, pointing out everybody in the picture.

At Juul and Jenny's

donderdag 3 oktober 2013