donderdag 28 juli 2016

What a July

Hi all :)

This blog is coming to you from the through train to HongKong. 
I'm travelling for the 4th time this month. 

It all started with a short trip to Bangkok with hubby, the girls and grandma. 
We hung out, swam and did a bit of touristy stuff in dinosaur world and the aquarium. It turned out that Lexie and Izzie like the idea of dinosaurs more than the full sized versions in the park.....
They were much happier at the aquarium. 

I was home for a few days and then left for ZhongShan to teach my HuangPu Middle School kids at summer camp. 
We stayed in an intersting place and lessons took place in my huge room. 
It was originally a 4 person bed room but they took 3 beds out to create space. 
Sweet deal with no travel time after we'd arrived!

The day the ZhongShan camp finished I had to catch the last fast train to Wuhan to join MuseScape Chamber Orchestra for a tour in ShenNongJia. A nice teacher dropped me off at the train station so I made with time to spare, hurray!

I got to my hotel at midnight and the next day I sat on a mega full buss with people, basses and cellos everywhere. 

I will write a separate blog on the ShenNongJia adventures later. A nice detail: SNJ made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List while we were there. 

Now I'm on the way to the HongKong Exhibition Centre near the airport for a dōTERRA convention. 

That is onto hotel/lodging number 6 for me this month. 

Thanks to the wonders of modern communication I get to see a lot of Lexie and Izzie. They are happy with extra daddy and grandparent time. 

This time I'm only gone until Saturday. 
I did get some complaints around day 8 out of 11 in the middle of this month ;)

I will post pictures when I have my laptop as the mobile app makes the pics look a bit weird. 

See you soon!