maandag 6 juli 2015

And some pics

Back again.......

Hello, sorry I've been MIA yet again, life gets too crazy to sit down and type!!
Lexie AND Izzie are at school now, my work out is done so I'm taking a moment to write, I've sure missed it :)

Izzie has been at Kindergarten for the last month and she doing great. There were some bye-bye tears in the first week but luckily not for long. The teachers told me she came around quickly after making sure that I was really gone. Izzie does not let just anybody hold her, but she's approved of her teacher. As long as we hand her over to that one teacher there are no tears and we even get a bye-bye and a wave from her. But beware if you try for any other teachers and assistants!!! That's when the drama goes ON. Everybody knows this now so they are dealing with it really well.

Izzie was in a bit of an eating rut even before she went to school. So much to the grandma's and the teachers' worries she was ultra picky with food for a while. Now she's doing great and she wolfs down rice almost every lunch with some meat and sometimes some bread. It was a party at the kindergarten when Izzie ate her first full bowl of rice, I'll tell you that! Of course I was worried a bit too but Izzie was nowhere near skinny so I figured she's get back to eating when she felt like it. She was happy and running around so no worries, right? I am glad though that she's in such amazing care at school, it makes me feel very relaxed.

The first two weeks were not completely relaxed as she got a fever a few times so I went to pick her up. No eating and fever is just Izzie's way of having a growth spurt. It may sounds weird but that's the way it is :)

Another reason I haven't been up here is that my computer has been acting up. Apparently my graphic chart isn't happy so neither am I. I had it replaced but my computer is only starting up about 50% of the time..... annoying!!! My whole hard disk got wiped but luckily I had all my pics stored. Now I have most pics on my phone and an external drive. I'll make a separate post after this one with pics from my phone.

I have still been working out a lot and results are visible now, yay!
OK, time to try to upload some pics and I'll talk to you soon :)