vrijdag 29 april 2016

Slim and Sassy me :P

Hello :)

This morning I finally had time to go play tennis with Becky, it was great yet again!!
We like to hit hard and that's what we do. Who cares if the balls fly out now and then?? 

My legs were a bit sore from running and stairs yesterday but it was nice to get moving.
It was so beautiful outside so I really enjoyed getting my sweat on.

Yesterday's running and stairs event
Today I was rocking my new sports top and I loved it. Now I've worked my ass off to delete the baby fat I can enjoy wearing whatever I want. Hahaha, OK, I could have done that before as well but the results would not have been very nice. I don't like rolls and even more rolls created by straps, if you catch my drift ;) 

New sports top!
Life has been pretty nice and I've been keeping busy with teaching, subbing and sharing EO (Essential Oils). Lexie and Izzie are growing ultra fast. They are pretty well behaved so we mostly enjoy hanging out. Of course I need to be strict at times but that's also my job.

Since about a month and a half I've been using an oil blend called "Slim and Sassy". My friend gave it to me to try and I'm pretty impressed with my results. I can feel the biggest change in my not yet completely recovered belly area. Here's some info on it.

I feel like I'm reading up on my own life here, hahaha.  Except that I do intermittent fasting as well (for over a year now). That means I eat between noon and 20.00 mostly.
Yes, after hours cocktails do occur from time to time, as does wine :P 

This next one is a biggie of course and I'm happy to report that I am in a very pleasant, happy state of mind these days. No, I'm not high to anything, I just do my best to see the good that is all around us.

Okidoki, that's it for now! I'll be back soon and thanks for joining me up here, xoxo :)

donderdag 14 april 2016

Essential Oils and how it all started......

Hi all, yay finally time for a blog again :)

About a month ago my friend introduced me to essential oils. I was like "huh? what are these?".

I started to do research (aka look at Pinterest and essential oil sites) and found out that you can use them for so many things!! EO (because "Essential Oils" is a bit long) are amazing!

(OTC=Over The Counter)

Here's a list of what I've added them to:

  • facial cream
  • body lotion 
  • tummy wrap
  • shampoo
  • laundry detergent
  • vacuum cleaner
  • air conditioner
I have also successfully used them as a painkiller when I hurt my hand, used them on Lexie and Izzie for minor and major ouchies and also on my sore muscles after a tough work out. Best thing: no more cockroaches in my house!! I strategically sprayed their entry spots and they simply walk away.

I feel great and I'm happy that I've come across them. No worries, I'm not turning into the crazy EO lady but I do want to share this source of happiness.

I'm with dōTERRA because that company has good ethics and works hard all the time to ensure 100% quality EO.

So no worries, I'm still the same old Jo. Just happier, sleeping better, smelling even better and with a super fragrant house :P

 The nice thing about dōTERRA is that it is a global brand, so it doesn't matter that I live in China. Products get shipped all over the world.

If you want to know more, or would like to see the products (including a cool starter kit) let me know! :)