vrijdag 25 januari 2013

Air "quality"

This picture was taken last night at 18.31. At that time the pollution index was 262.
For the last two days air quality has been horrible and constantly in the "hazardous" category.
Not good, not good at all. My air quality app kept sending me reminders that the pollution levels were really high and that protection was recommended. I thought about switching it off since I can't change the fact that levels were so bad. Breathing is unfortunately not optional for us humans.....

This morning I woke up hungry at 6.30. I snuck out of bed and looked outside. It looked kinda clear and I saw the pollution was down to 136. An impressive drop overnight.
I went back to sleep and was pleasantly surprised that the levels had dropped even more when I woke up :)

This picture was taken at 10.34 this morning. At that time the pollution index was 82. Now at 10.55 it is back to 108, ayaaaaa.
Yup, not a perk of living in a big city........
I asked Haiwen to get an air purifier so we can at least breathe freely at home.

The biggest problem are the PM 2,5 particles. They are so tiny that they can go deep into the long tissue and onwards into the blood stream from there. Yikes, very scary stuff!!

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