woensdag 16 januari 2013


Too cute!! 

A few minutes ago I thought, let's write a blog! I felt like I had a lot to tell you but now I'm sitting here my mind seems to have gone blank..... Hurrah for preggo brain ;)


I tried to change my hospital appointment yesterday. It wasn't easy and in the end Ans had to help me. They can't tell you straight away over the phone and want to call you back. On your HK phone.... Yeah, I used to have one but it already expired. So I left Ans' number with them. Ans texted me later that the appointment was changed to another day (one I did not ask for, but OK......).
It seems a bit strange to me that the hospital just sets a time and you have no choice. Is this normal? I don't know. Luckily I usually stay away from hospitals. Good thing is that the service is great once you are there and everybody is very nice.

Cool new place in ZhuJiang

Yesterday I had lunch at a cool new place with Beth and Rose.
Rose had come across it a few days ago and suggested we meet up there. The design is cool and not 'Chinese' at all. Most importantly: food was good :) I had a spinach salad (mommy needs extra iron and calcium) and a pumpkin risotto. Can't remember what it is called.....

In the afternoon I will take Lexie to the afternoon tea at the Hilton. What a life little miss Lexie has!! Hanging out at the best hotels in town regularly.  

Opa Tummers will be buried this Saturday. I will be there in spirit!

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Anoniem zei

Wat een schatjes slapen ze zo lief. En tja inplannen van een afspraak bij jouw in ziekenhuis is net zo vervelend bij het UWV komt nooit uit wanneer ik het wil :P. En Lexie is niet alleen verwend hoor, jij ook wij hebben niet eens een Hilton in de buurt om koffie te drinken. Dat is meestal koffie bij jouw Pap en Mam of een ander slachtoffer van de familie waar ik uit kom:-) Groetjes van Carla en Mat vanuit een schilderachtig wit en brrrrrr Papenhoven