zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Hong Kong time

Life without the orchestra has been pretty nice. I'm still teaching clarinet, saxophone and Dutch. All arranged in advance and when it suits both the student and me, hurrah! 

Since we are HK residents now I can go to a public hospital for all my check ups. The hospital is a 25 min walk from the train station, so that's not too far. In a pinch I can always get a cab to get there faster. I had to go a few extra times this month. At first we went to the introduction talk and to finalize my registration (hubby went ahead and got me registered when he was doing some business in HK, the hospital hadn't seen me yet), then we found out the baby is a little 'younger' than expected so a certain test couldn't be done yet. Later I had to go yet again to see the doctor because I have very rare 'Panda blood' (O-). Lexie is O+ so they are keeping a close watch on me. I had a Roghum shot after Lexie and will get more in the later stages.

People preparing to get off the train, 5 stations beforehand......

I like the hospital and what I've seen so far. It's a bit complicated to understand the procedures at first but I think I understand now. You do your own little check up of protein, weight, heart rate and blood pressure. You write down the values on a sticker that goes onto your part of the appointment slip and the other half goes into a box or the nurses station. Then you wait until you are called into a room.

The staff is nice but I can't understand them half of the time since they wear masks. At times it is hard to have such a language soup in your head as I have. Guess I need to create a new section for 'HK-English pre-natal specialist talk'.  I swear I thought the doctor asked me if I was a drug addict..... Turned out to be if I had any ALLERGIES for certain medicine. Oops, my bad.

Enjoying lunch at the Hilton GZ

One of my clarinet students has a very vivid visual imagination. I played a bit for her that was sad. She described it as a man sitting on a park bench in the cold rain, reading his news paper and eating a hamburger. A dog was sitting besides him, begging for the hamburger but didn't get any. The poor dog was cold, hungry and lonely. Aw........

Chinglish, still going strong!

Later today I will get a curry at my favourite Japanese lunch place, Roku Roku. This baby is into curry and spicy food, I tell ya!

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