dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Terrace blog

This blog is coming to you from the terrace of B.R.O. coffee :)
It's a lovely day and Yahoo says it's 22C.
No way I could stay inside!

I had a nice day with Lexie so far. Grandma arrived just after she woke up from her afternoon nap. Laura came by for some coffee and Lexie was being ultra cute as usual ;)

She's calling all round things "bal" now. Finally she's saying a few words in Dutch. I was a bit worried that the "Cantonese only" was gonna last even longer.

Canto list:
- haai haai (shoes)
- mat (socks)
- dai dai (brother, bag or belt)
- ba baa (poo)
- go go (older brother)

Dutch list:
- maan (moon)
- nee nee nee (no no no)
- bal (ball)

International list:
- papa
- mama
- bye bye
- hi (same as haai, hehehe)

Mandarin list:
- yu (fish)
- gou gou (dog or also cat at this point)
- baba (could be daddy or poo.......)
- di di (brother)
- mei mei (sister)
- gu gu (aunty, aunty Qiang)

Yesterday I went out to HuangPu to teach. It takes an our by metro to get there. I did OK in the morning but on the way back I got out to take a cab, even if it was rush hour. I was bothered by an idiot that was screaming on his phone and thereby letting me smell his bad breath. Yikes. Yuck. Nah a. I lasted 40 min before this, so that's not too bad. Stupid guy intensified the claustrophobia that had been building up before. In my delicate state (ahem) I decided to go a bit diva. Why not?? :)
I'm going again tomorrow. The students have a 'practice week' before a concert on Sunday. So guess where I have to go on Sunday, haha. I'm taking HW with me.

OK, my student just texted that she's almost there so I'd better go home!

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