maandag 28 januari 2013

Trip to the 青年宫

Some of my students played in a wind band concert today. I promised them I'd come to listen and that I would also bring Lexie. The 青年宫 (qingniangong = youth palace) is not that far from my house but it is not easy to get there. Grandpa came up with a good plan to go by bus. Grandma also came along so we took Lexie's stroller. As you can imagine taking Lexie and stroller by yourself on a crowded bus is not the best idea. Grandpa carried Lexie and he got offered a seat. Grandma hung onto the stroller and I just held a little bag. Since I'm pregnant it is not OK for me to hold onto a stroller ;)

We got there on time and I bought a little snack on the way. The concert started late but we had fun with Lexie meeting everybody. After the first piece we took Lexie to the back of the room so she could walk around a bit. She was quite good and only made some noise in a quiet bit once.
We listened to a few pieces, including Gangnam style. Lexie had a nice little wiggle during that one ;)

A bit later I decided it was about time to head back to avoid the crowd in the elevator and on the bus.
We took a different line home. After one stop two friends got on as well. Lexie likes the bus since there's a lot to see. We got on on the second stop so there were seats for everybody.

This morning I executed an old plan to go tho the store in my pajamas. It happens a lot here but so far I've resisted the urge to give it a try. Since it is still a bit cold I wore my bathrobe as well.
My neighbour (the annoying one who is always trying to sell me stuff) got into the elevator with me gave me a look up and down before asking me where I was going. I just said I was going to buy some stuff. She digested this and then commented that the robe looked very comfortable and warm.

IN cafe is going to close this Thursday. There are 2 new locations already so not all will be lost. One will be a coffee take away at the East Railway Station and the other one will be inside of a hospital.
Since ayi will not have to clean there anymore we get an extra afternoon at our place, hurrah!!
Today we've started the project to wash all the curtains. The ones in the living room have been washed already and are back up again.

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