vrijdag 1 februari 2013

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On the way to the GWIC morning coffee

And then it was Friday night!!  The week has flown by.
At first I was still feeling quite bad with a heavy cold. Later I got my energy back and even did two mini work outs in one day.

On the way home after the coffee.....

Lexie didn't sleep well the night before the coffee. She cried a lot and didn't fall asleep, even in our bed. As you can guess, not much sleep for mommy and daddy either. She was fine again in the morning.

One bump, coming up!

Yesterday was the last day of IN cafe. Due to management problems of the building that have not been resolved since the opening Haiwen and Qiang decided to call it quits. Too bad as it was such a nice place to hang out at! There is good news though: they are going to open a new, smaller shop for drinks at the East Railway Station after Chinese New Year.

Check out my Nijntje clogs!

Today I went to Starbucks Ersha to enjoy the sunshine, it was 26C. Perfect weather with a hint of coolness in the morning and evening. I'm afraid we'll have to miss that coolness in a couple of months!
I got off the bus a few stops early and had a little walk. A nice lady immediately offered her seat to me. I saw her at Starbucks again with a bunch of older people who were looking after a few babies.
Helen and Nicole joined me and we sat outside for a while. Little Rose was also there.
To be honest: it got too hot!! We moved back inside after a little while.


After some grocery shopping at Gold Arch I took the bus home. The bus was strangely empty but I'm not complaining, it was wonderful. Since I'm "in the weak" I took one of the special seats ;)
No IN cafe to go to :( So yes, I actually made dinner. I could have gone to grandma's but when I'm pregnant Chinese food just does not hit the spot. I did go by to play with Lexie. She's spending the night there as daddy is in Shenzhen tonight.
Yay, sleep for mommy :)

One more, just because ;)

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