woensdag 6 februari 2013

Energy or not........?

So since I'm in month 4 now I've got some energy back! I'm not sure if that happened with Lexie, I kinda remember being KO all the time ;) It's a nice feeling but since I'm not busy now it leads to too much thinking as I'm home alone quite a lot. I try to go out and do something at least once a day and that helps a lot. I'm also keeping my workouts up.

Maybe I don't really have as much energy as I think because I get dizzy when I'm out. That may just be they very weird weather we've been having. Smoggy, foggy but still warm. Don't worry I'm eating good stuff and also making sure I drink enough.

The workouts are fun but challenging. I have an app for pregnancy exercise (of course there's an app for that!) which I use daily. I usually pick 4 exercises and do them for 3 rounds in a pattern of 50 sec work and 10 sec off (HIIT=High Intensity Interval Training). I really like doing it but I noticed yesterday that twist lunges don't work anymore because my belly is getting in the way. Unfortunately there are lots of other lunges available ;) When I have a very energetic day I may do two work outs; one in the morning and one late afternoon.

Haiwen is super busy at work and will stay in Shenzhen tonight for the second time this week. Chinese New Year is this Sunday so it's a big rush to get all the shipments ready before then. If not, they'll be stuck in China for at least two weeks. That would mean unhappy clients in Holland.
Haiwen's company still does not get the concept of CNY. They wanted to have the factory make another version of a part. When Haiwen told them it was not possible they were shocked since the change was so 'easy'. Just switch the machine on after altering the mould a bit.
Uhmmm, yeah..... Even if there was somebody in the factory to alter the mould there would be no one to flip the switch because everybody is on their way home!
It's quite frustrating for HW that the company still doesn't understand that the factories empty out starting two weeks before CNY. It's only been 5 years........

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Ans zei

Sounds totally familiar...i mean the part of not getting it that even chinese people will have a holiday...once a year!! For you it's been 5 years, over here it has been 8 years, and I predict that over an other 5 years they still don't get it!