donderdag 14 februari 2013

Lots to do!

Getting bigger......

Phew, day 5 of the New Year already. For the first 15 days of the New Year the 'normal' calendar is hardly used. The days are counted as 初一,初二,初三 and so on. 初 (chu) means as much as 'beginning'. 

All shops are closed.

A very rare sight in Guangzhou!

Lexie of Arabia

When we left grandma's house the other day, Lexie's hair was still a bit wet after her bath. So, we covered her up, with this as a very cute result :)

Relaxing at a terrace.
Life is sometimes tough but when the sun is out and hubby is free it can be quite manageable.... We stopped by at this terrace after buying our train tickets for tomorrow night. We are flying out of HK very late. Problem is that all the border crossing are run over with people and queueing time can be mad. Luckily we could get tickets so we should travel smoothly. The best part is that you go through customs before you board the train (exiting China). So even when the train is packed (as it will be) there's a maximum amount of people at the border crossing.
Lexie entertaining the staff.
Today we met up with Kenny and Cathy. We hadn't seen them in years as they live in London now. We chilled out together while Lexie kept the staff occupied. It wasn't very busy so they were happy to play with Lexie. Later we all went to our place and Kenny and I jammed for a bit. Lexie liked it and was dancing, hihi. In our break I put her to bed as she was obviously getting tired. I stayed with her until she was out. We played a bit more but she slept right through it.

Happy grandparents
The grandparents had a mahjong day with friends. We decided to go out for dinner but the restaurant at their compound was fully booked by somebody. We walked to another restaurant and found out it was packed. We waited for about 20 minutes to be seated. After that all went well. I don't think that I ate a lot but I still feel a bit full (22.20 now). My work out still awaits so I'd better get started....... ;)

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