zaterdag 9 maart 2013

Busy week!

It's Saturday morning and it is the first time this week that I can sit down and write a blog! It was a nice week with lots of socializing.

Playing Lexie's favorite animal game
The ultrasound on Monday brought only good news. The baby is healthy and right on track with all developments. I only went to HK for the scan so I was there for only 3,5 hours in total. Haiwen went as well but he came back later after taking care of some banking. No point for me to hang around and get tired! I went to work in Huangpu on Tuesday and that always takes a lot of energy. First there is the trek to get there (taxi 15 min, subway 30 min) then 3 groups of clarinet students followed by the trek back. Hubby did come to pick me up at the metro station so that was nice. On the way over there I got offered a seat on the subway. Cool huh? I went to the 'special' section at the beginning of the train where the old, disabled and pregnant are supposed to hang out, haha.

These slippers fit!

On Wednesday I had lunch with Helen and her baby Rose. Rose likes me so we are good. Since the weather was gorgeous (and has been all week) we went to eat outside. It was really lovely to be outside and not to die of heat and humidity. Grandpa told me that the Kapok flowers are opening up which means that the cold will not come back. Looks like an early summer. Belly and me may hide out indoors in the AC if it gets too hot ;) After lunch we had a little stroll and then it was time to go home.

Nail clipping... done best on the subway?!
On Thursday I tried to go to the GWIC morning coffee since my student had cancelled at 1.00 AM. for a 10.30 lesson. Yes, 1.00!!! How rude!! Luckily my phone was off. I told her this is not acceptable and that this kind of behaviour will only be excused once. We'll see how it goes. If she does something like this again she can find another (English) teacher. 
No point in dwelling about it so when grandma came by to pick up Lexie we all went downstairs to play a bit. All of a sudden they started to spray bug spray on the plants so we took Lexie away immediately. Grandma and Lexie went to ZhongHai and I went to catch a cab. 

That cab was not to be found. I walked around for half an hour with no luck. I got really hungry since I left without breakfast. There's nice food at the coffee so no need to spoil your appetite. 
I made it up to WangGuo mall but it wasn't open yet. I was in need of some food so I went to Starbucks right beside the mall. Not the healthiest option but I was running on fumes.
I sat for a while and when I was done the mall was open. 

I must admit it: my feet do not fit into size 36 anymore :( 1,5 pregnancies have taken their toll and I'm well on the way to 37! Luckily the Sketchers store had a nice sale and I bought 3 pairs. In the store I ran into a friend and after shopping we headed back to Starbucks for a chat. We sat outside and enjoyed the balmy temperature. I had to go home to open the door for ayi. She was very early and arrived 1 minute after me. Pretty perfect huh? I wasn't in the mood to sit around so I went out for a haircut.

On Friday Lexie was here for her afternoon nap. It took half an hour before she went to sleep. She was sleepy but that doesn't mean you should sleep when you are 16 months old!! She finally dozed off and slept for 2 hours. We went to play outside when she woke up and later I brought her to the grandparents. I did some packing for Korea and got ready to go out. The Dutch club was meeting at Paddyfields so I went by to hang out a bit. It was nice to be out for the first time in months! I lasted until 22.30. The street was still very crowded so I had to use my cab getting skills and this time they did work. It's easy really; walk up against the traffic and don't stay on the sidewalk behind the barrier.

It's 10.28 and HW will drive me to the airport around 11.00. I'm going to visit Lida and Pieter :)
I'll be back in Guangzhou on Thursday night.

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