zondag 17 maart 2013

Korea, part 2

On Tuesday we headed towards Busan, the biggest town in the area.
Lida and I have been there before for about 7 hours during a stop on a cruise, many years ago.
We continued our then unfinished sight seeing. Not that there is much to see, haha.

In Korea one has to recycle!
We got into town before the shops opened so we went for a coffee first. Then we walked around a bit and visited the international market. It resembles some of the markets in Guangzhou but is much more comfortable since there is more space. Being outside instead of a building bursting out of its seams is a big plus too.
International market
I bought a new phone cover and a wallet. I realized that the wallet was too big for my small bag so I also had to buy a bigger small bag ;) After shopping it was lunch time and we headed for a restaurant with a nice view. Yes, the view was more important than the choice of food as my stomach was once again acting up. We had some simple stuff and went to the second floor for coffee and an even better view.

View in Busan
After lunch Lida and I drove around town a bit more before heading back to Okpo.

In the evening we all went out for Korean BBQ. It was absolutely delicious and Pieter and I ate way too much. To walk some of the food off we headed to one of their favourite cafes for a quick drink. It was a nice, cozy place. I started to fade fast so it was time to head home, 'hiking' back up the hill.
Spring is in the air
Wednesday morning started with the Okpo ladies coffee. A very different affair from the GWIC coffees. 
There weren't that many people and we had to sit around in a circle. The opening question was that you had to tell the group something about yourself that they didn't know yet.
Easy peasy as they didn't know me at all.

Tucked away GuanYing.

Then a Korean lady gave a short introduction to Korean herbs. Not too bad. Another big difference with the GWIC coffee is that this one has a host so it is pretty organised. The host made very nice strawberry bread and brought some Korean snacks. I think Lida is hosting in a week or two ;)
After the whole ordeal, including some trivia quiz, was over we joined some ladies for lunch.

Looking around the wharf 
In the afternoon Pieter drove us around the ship wharf. It is a huge place where they build enormous ships. The worlds biggest oil(?) tanker was there for maintenance and also some of the biggest gas carriers. 

They build new ships from scratch and the logistics are mind boggling. The whole wharf is buzzing with activity and everybody has their own specific task. The crane you see in the picture above can carry a thousand metric tons!

Rainy wharf
It was very interesting to see where all the bits are made and put together and together and together until you have a complete ship.

For dinner we decided on cauliflower with cheese sauce, meat balls and potatoes :)

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