zaterdag 23 maart 2013


Yesterday I went to HK for a check up. I didn't really need one as I just went to see the private doctor 2 weeks ago. But yeah, what can you do? I delivered the report of the ultrasound and a nurse looked at my belly with a student. The doc was still busy with something so the nurse asked if it was OK for the student to examine me. No problem. They both touched my belly to check if everything was in the right place and listened to little one no.2's heartbeat.

First ever tie in Wordfeud
Then the doctor asked me if the baby was kicking well. I can assure you all: she is organizing sporting events in there! Another question was how I plan to give birth this time. A C-section is an option but so is normal delivery. Here in Asia they go the C-section way quite quickly but I'm not sure yet that I want another one. The decision has to be made around 34 weeks so I still have time to weigh all the pro's and cons.

Me, way back when......
Getting to the hospital didn't really go smoothly. There were no through train tickets left (the first two trains were sold out even on Thursday night when Haiwen went to the train station for me). That left the option of the 和谐号 (hexiehao); the harmonious train. That one goes to a border crossing in Shenzhen. It's a long walk through customs and onto the metro into HK. The problems already started in Guangzhou with traffic being slow as a snail. I decided to just take the cab to a metro station and to transfer to the metro. This worked fine and I made it to the station with 15 minutes to spare. By cab I would have arrived too late. It is not easy to buy train tickets these days because your ID number gets printed onto the ticket. Luckily I thought about this and gave Haiwen my passport when he went to buy tickets, just in case. Through train tickets can just be bought as you go through customs in the train station anyway.

It took 40 minutes to make it through everything in Luohu (the border crossing). I was in the special lane but somehow two families came back from behind customs and were cleared in front of me and a few other people that were waiting. A bit odd, I'd say......
A grandma totally ignored me on the platform to the metro and went to stand right in front of me. I was already standing next to another grandma and we were doing just fine. I was in no mood to be treated like air so I shoved back in front of her. The metro/train empties out completely when it arrives but she was just too rude to be ignored.

By the time we got to HungHum it was 11.00 and I had to be at the hospital by 11.30 latest.
I still needed to buy a through train ticket back first because I couldn't face another Luohu run on the way back! By the time I was done there was no time left to walk to the hospital so I cabbed it.

A moment of sanity
After the check up I had a nice lunch at a Japanese place. It is in the street where we stayed when Lexie was born. I decided to walk back to the station because I had a little time to spare. I was keeping cool but also not really. I sat down on a bench, set my alarm clock so I didn't need to watch the time and read my book for a while. It was very nice and it was good not to be moving!

Mmmmm, freshly cut grass (yes, grass like in a field)
The train ride back was fine. I did get a window seat but the lady beside me was very nice. I only went to the toilet twice so that's very good, haha. She went twice too ;) We even watched each others bags so we didn't have to schlep them into the bathroom.

When I arrived back in Guangzhou I was so sick of traveling that I joined Qiang for a cup of tea first. She was at the mall next to he station to oversee work on the new shop. By the time I left it was Friday night traffic hell time for real (already when I arrived basically) so I metro'd back. Once again I got offered a seat! No cabs in sight at the metro station so I took a public bus that leads to grandma's house. And behold: another seat freed up. I must look convincingly pregnant by now, hehe.

I rested a bit at grandma's and also played with Lexie who was happy to see me. I was very happy to see her after a day with way too many modes of transportation. I had gotten too tired during the day so I couldn't fall asleep. Super annoying!!!!! And that with the TV shoot coming up I had today, but, more on that in another blog!

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