maandag 18 maart 2013


Our weekend starts very early these days. We get up around 7.00 to take Lexie to introduction class at school. The lesson starts at 8.45. She still likes it a lot and she enjoys looking at the other kids. Soon that will change into playing with them I guess.

Playtime in the school yard
After class we went out for some cheung fan. I dropped Lexie off at grandpa's and daddy went to play tennis. At 16.00 I picked Lexie up again and we played around. In the evening we all had dinner together.

On Sunday morning we took Lexie to the park on Ersha. It's basically a huge field with some landscaping in it, surrounded by a road. It's big enough and there's plenty to look at and play with. According to Lexie the sprinklers were the best thing there. She kept running from one to the next.

Not too impressed by the symbol of Guangzhou.......
The Kapok flower is the symbol of Guangzhou. They have opened up all around town and this one fell out of the tree as I was standing underneath it. Good opportunity to tell Lexie about the colour red and about flowers ;)

Who has seen this look before?
After lots of running we went to have dim sum at the Hilton. Qiang and her girlfriend joined us as well, as did the grandparents and an uncle. It's nice to have so many people to run after Lexie, hihi. The food was really good as always.
Lexie started to fade so Haiwen and I went home first. By then Lexie was fully awake again but she did fall asleep in the end. She was KO for two hours.

In the evening we went to grandma's where we had a Skype appointment with grandparents Tummers.
We had a good chat and when Lexie got fed up with the computer grandpa took her downstairs to play for a bit. Haiwen arrived later and had some dinner as well. After that everybody was busy with arranging stuff related to moving out of IN cafe. The new coffee shop will hopefully open up some time next week, fingers crossed!!

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