zaterdag 18 mei 2013

AC cleaning day

I finally convinced Haiwen that our AC's needed some cleaning. Since I'm no expert in that field and don't have any equipment he set out to find 'a guy'. Turned out that 'the guy' has been here before together with grandpa on non-cleaning AC business.

We had four units done because HW wasn't sure that the cleaning would do any good *le sigh*.
Well to convince him I took some pictures of the gore that came out and he was quickly convinced.
Yuck, so gross!! I'll spare you guys the details. He cleaned both the inside and outside parts of the AC's.

Playing at grandma's

We scheduled the AC cleaning on the same afternoon as ayi works. That turned out to be a very good plan, given the state our white marble floors where in after mixing outside grime and water on them....
Foot prints, slipper prints and less definable spots where all over the house in no time. Ayi attacked them all with gusto and they disappeared quickly.

Strike a pose

My computer has a trackpad problem so now I'm trying to work it with an old mouse. It is not going well as it keeps jumping through the screen. Very annoying! Just now it tried to close this screen....

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