dinsdag 25 juni 2013

Bigger 'n bigger.........

We've been in HK for a week now. Yesterday most of the furniture arrived, how nice it is to have a table to blog from ;) During the week we had one bed, one mattress on the floor and a small chair. All in all it wasn't that bad. On Saturday night our situation improved a lot when we got a comfy chair and 2 lamps from Ans. We went out to dinner with the guys first and picked up the stuff after dinner. It was nice to get to hang out all together and not to worry about getting home.

Haiwen was with me last week but now 'babysit' duty has been transferred to auntie. Very nice of her to come over and look after me!! She arrived last night. She found our place by herself and was very pleased with that. Haiwen showed her around a bit and left this morning.

Isabelle is welcome to come out now. Yesterday I felt like I was going to topple over forwards! She feels bigger than Lexie and is very strong. Come out!!!! My lower back is pretty unhappy right now...
The official due date is July 18th but I think that is a week too late anyway.

On Sunday we stupidly took the metro into town. We had to transfer an extra time due to the Sunday schedule. How annoying! When we got to our destination we still had to walk through endless crowded corridors. I couldn't breathe and felt bad. So no more metro for now.... I only had to ask for a seat once. It was no problem, people were just too sucked into their phone to notice anything.

We had dim sum with the Yeung family. I got to cuddle their 3rd child Elena for the first time :) She's almost 6 months old now.

Sleeping is a big problem now with me waking up hungry constantly, if I've even slept through Isabelle's fitness sessions..... I've been trying loads of different ways to eat in the evening but haven't found the perfect snack yet. I'm combining carbs and proteins so that should be OK.
Ugh, just come on out!!!

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