woensdag 31 juli 2013

One week old

Unfortunately my friend and baby photographer extraordinaire Mette has moved to Abu Dabi. She did a session for Lexie when she was a few weeks old. 

This time round we wanted to have a newborn shoot for Izzie. Mette helped us to pick a photographer online. We came acros some crazy expensive ones but Hazel asked a fair price. We booked her and today she came by with her assistant Wing. 

Our sofa bed in the living roomwas transformed into a mini studio. Lexie also took some solo shots. She was in a really bad mood today so we couldn't really get any full family pics. 

Izzie was a very good model. A few milk top ups from mommy along the way and all was well ;)

Grandpa, grandma and Lexie went back to GZ this afternoon. I'm now here with Izzie and Haiwen. It was nice to have Lexie here but also very tiring as she has to get used to being a big sis. 

P.S. typed with one finger whilst feeding Izzie...... Forgive me if the pics aren't the correct size! 

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