zondag 4 augustus 2013

The hospital saga continues

Last Friday, Izzie had a check up at the 'health garden'. She's doing great. No jaundice whatsoever and from Monday noon until Friday morning she gained 300 grams. I saw that there was a bed with stirrups in the room so I figured this was also the doc to see for pre natal care. I had to go to the hospital for all check ups because I'm rhesus - and Lexie is rhesus +. Without this complication the 'health garden' would have been fine too. 

When Izzie was done I asked the doc to check my wound because it just felt very wrong. She did so and sent me straight to the Accident & Emergency of the hospital close to the garden. 

       View from my hospital bed. 

I went through triage first and then a kind and gentle doctor saw me. He had bad news to deliver: a gap had formed where there should not be one and another small area was infected :( 
He told me a gynecologist would need to 'fix' me to prevent future trouble. 

HW and Izzie were sitting in the waiting area but after the news that I would have to be admitted they were allowed to come to the back to wait with me. I gave Izzie a feed as I had no idea when I would be able to see her again. The nurse saw me and gave me a room to have some privacy. After the feed we went upstairs where I was once again admitted to a hospital *sigh*. Luckily this one is close to our house. 

I was put in bed and then the whole blood pressure/temperature circus started again. Not complaining! Just getting a tad tired if people poking and prodding me.......

A doc came to see me after waiting for a while. She told me the wound needs to clear first and then needs to be sutured again. Aaaaaaaaaah! Horrible :(

A nurse came by to clean the wound for me and some good news followed: I was allowed home leave to go and take care of Izzie. HW had gone home with her and bought some milk powder for when she would get hungry. In the meantime lots of time had passed and my milk production had not stopped, of course......

Before I knew if I could home or not I had already asked one of the nurses what to do about the milk. She told me I could pump and put it in the fridge so HW could pick it up. Good plan but too mafan since he would have to take Izzie with him to come get it. We figured some powder would not kill her. 

I knew there was a pump so I asked the nurse to get it for me. Nice, hospital grade pumps work fast ;)

 I waited a bit more and a nurse came by to clean my wound. It didn't really hurt so that was nice. What was not so nice was cutting the infected sutures out..... The nurse was very gentle but I did say 'ouch' a few times. After all was done it was about 15.30 and I got permission to go home, hurrah! 

Now I have to report back here before 8 AM every morning to be checked and cleaned. This blog is coming from the hospital bed as I'm waiting patiently for the doc to come by. Well, maybe not 100% patient but that is why I figured I could write a blog to keep me busy ;)

HW is going back to Guangzhou to work today. Auntie and uncle will be here to help me out this week. On Saturday mom and dad will arrive!

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