maandag 23 september 2013

In Holland!

We made it! Grandpa and grandma Tummers, Lexie, Izzie and myself made it all the way to Geleen. The trip went very well. Izzie was comfy in her bassinet and Lexie slept in lots of seemingly impossible ways on our laps. 

Some hiccups along the way such as an outfit change for Lexie before we even made it on the plane. We were prepared and even the change to outfit number 3 on the plane wasn't a big deal. 

Poor Lexie got sick the day before departure. Grandma Feng and daddy took her to the hospital to see a doc (there are no general practitioners in China). She was diagnosed with a throat infection. Grandpa Tummers made sure that Lexie rested as much as possible and stayed with her as she was sleeping or resting. We flew at 23.00 on Thursday night so lots of rest beforehand was very important. 

Now we are here she's slowly getting better. Still a high fever during the first night. Her skin felt like a little oven! Today she wanted to eat again so that's a good sign. 

People have come by to visit already and that is nice :) 
Let us know if you want to drop by too, we'd love to catch up IRL (In Real Life). 

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