dinsdag 5 november 2013

The OMG, WTF, TMI group chat

Lexie's teacher added me to the group chat of parents in her class. 
I think I already told you about the non sense level in this group. 
Well, turns out that was nothing yet.....
We've reached a new low!! Good thing is I have something to tell you guys about ;)
Don't worry, the parents can't read this since blogger is blocked in China and I'm on here with VPN. 

*Translation (as literal as possible)

Parent 1: teacher Wang, xx recently fell in love with picking his nose. What to do? Slapping his hand doesn't help. 

Teacher: when xx manages to get the snot out he even comes to give it to me!

Parent 1: I'm also the recipient of this gift frequently. 

Parent 2: This is just part of the process, no need to worry. *

You think maybe parent 1 could send the teacher a PRIVATE message? Hahahaha. 
I'm with parent 2 ;)

I was a bit mean as well: in the group chat somebody asked if Lexie's mom was also there. I thought 'oh no, this can't be good'. I didn't want to reply in Chinese so I said in English 'I'm here'. Haven't heard anything since :P

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