dinsdag 24 december 2013

Christmas Eve

Well, it's Christmas Eve but I'm off to work in about 20 minutes. 
By now I'm used to the fact that there is no Christmas in China. Tacky decorations abound but nobody knows what it is about anyway. It used to make me sad but not anymore. I guess that is what happens when you are living far away from where you grew up for a long time.

Last weekend we spent two nights at the Double Tree hotel by Hilton. They were doing a test run before opening up on Dec 28th. Adam invited us to come over and be "the couple with 2 young kids". It was good fun and everything was complimentary :) All we had to do was give feedback. On Sunday afternoon the inlaws came over for lunch at the hotel. The restaurant open that day was the noodle place. Mom in law told the Chinese General Manager that the Won Ton soup wasn't very authentic and tasted like it was prepared by a chef from the North (oh, the horror!!). She taught him the importance of several aspects that make a Won Ton soup taste good to Cantonese people. He was very interested and took it well. Good feedback!

Luckily the "Simulation Elevator" worked, hihi.

Fun in the big bed
We enjoyed the big bath tub in our room. I had a soak with the girls together and another one with Lexie. Just give her a plastic container and she'll enjoy herself for a long time.
We got a baby bed for Izzie but big sis claimed it as hers, haha. Jealous much? Izzie ended up sleeping in our bed. I also enjoyed the gym and worked out twice.

The food in the Western restaurant was very nice. The decor and atmosphere worked well too.

Yesterday morning I had a class at 9.00. I'm teaching Liliana from Colombia Dutch. She likes to get the class in before work instead of having it at 16.00 before I have to leave and pick up Lexie. I prefer it too so we make it through powered by just one cup of coffee each ;) Next class is on Thursday.

Lexie having noodles with grandpa
Lexie didn't sleep well last night so neither did we. She woke up crying at 3 AM and didn't settle until about 4 AM. When it was time to go to school all she wanted to do was sleep, hehe. We managed to get her dressed and ready anyway and by the time she left she was happy again.

Izzie woke up early too so when Lexie left I gave her a bath and a massage (what a life!!). She got sleepy again since she has a cold (as do all of us) and I went back for a nap too. Lovely :) Just what I needed. OK, gotta go! x

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