vrijdag 3 juni 2016

Hurray, a blog!!!

Many greetings from this Friday morning in Guangzhou. It is super hot and humid outside so I figured it is a great time to sit down and write a blog for you :) with the AC on, of course!

Izzie :)
These last few weeks have been very busy, but in a good way. I've proctoring, subbing, teaching and dōTERRAing. I've also attended a modern dance performance, played concerts myself and heard a modern music recital at XingHai conservatory. Oh yeah, I also attended a modern art exhibition so I'm feeling very cultured indeed ;)

Last Sunday was nearly a full day off for me as I only had one student in the morning. His name is Tony (Chinese name: YanCheng) and he's so cute! He's also smart as a whip so teaching him is a joy. I also have a girl named Joy on piano so that's nice too. Haiwen came to pick me up at our music school and we went to the Hilton for lunch and a very well deserved pre-lunch cocktail for me. It was delicious and the rest of the day was zen and family time. Haiwen and I played tennis at 6 which was nice since the sun was almost down. No burning off the court there!

Speaking about burning..... The temps have shot up this week and my body was a bit in shock. I decided to take a few days off exercising as my energy was needed to adjust to the heat. This morning I went back at it with a 15 min HIIT session.

These planks are killer!

Byebye mommy tummy
Except for this little break I've been pretty much consistent. I'm a very random person so my work outs need to reflect that. If not, I get super bored and I will stop. HIIT is great for me as it is action packed and changing every 50 sec or so (depending on your intervals). It is very nice to feel your body getting stronger!

Trying to be a grown up for the day..... No T-shirt, how strange!
In between all the madness we had a little getaway in Sanya for a few days. We rented 2 apartments because some friends of my inlaws also joined. It was nice to be with a big group. Mom in law is an amazing cook so she and a few of her friends took care of all the meals. Yummy!!!
I went for a work out most days and even got lost in a deserted resort.... A mad across a golf course followed and I made it back OK. On the day we got back I saw that one of my friends from Shenzhen posted pictures on WeChat. I thought to myself :"that balcony looks very familiar..... that pool too". Sure enough: they had the same 2 apartments we had!!!  

Performing at XingHai concert Hall
Teaching is going well and I really enjoy the variety of instruments and nationalities!

Piano class with Sophie

Action packed Saturday morning
My dōTERRA business is picking up nicely and the best thing is that there is a store in GZ now, hurray!! Last week there was a big opening event, followed by a seminar that Haiwen and me attended. The Shenzhen crew also came over so that was really nice. 

dōTERRA convention

Yay, the Guangzhou store is open!
That's the update for now. I'll be back soon! 

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