vrijdag 25 november 2016

A peek into my Wechat adventure!

第一个小视频是英文版,请听一听!下面有中文版哦 😃
This first video is in English, the second one is in Chinese 🀄️

(I haven't worked out how to select a better still yet and I'm not sure if these video's work abroad either. Hey, chaos is creation, right? The rest of this post is unedited. It is also kinda scary to type in Chinese......)

Tonight my good friend Kato and me will be playing in the metro concert series. Our concerts will be at 6 and 7PM at the entrance of the APM line at the Guangzhou Tower metro station. One of the pieces will be the Rossini you just heard.
We went to try out the piano and the sound system last Friday.
We had so much fun!

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