zondag 13 januari 2013

(Great) grandpa Tummers

Grandpa Tummers is going to leave us soon. He's not eating anymore and he's on morphine to be a bit more comfortable. Grandpa Janssen just left us last month.
I hope grandpa Tummers can let go soon so he no longer has to suffer. I'm glad he still got to meet Lexie last summer. She had fun holding onto his wheelchair and playing with his hands.

Here she is with somewhat crazy bed hair yesterday. You can't tell from this pic but she had a bad night. Last night she did great. She slept in her own bed until 6.30. Then it was milk time and she fell back asleep with us. She divided cuddle time between daddy and me: she would snuggle up for about 20 minutes, roll over and snuggle up with the other one. This pattern was repeated until 9.30, a decent time for a Sunday morning!

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