dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Lexie update

Lexie is learning how to do new things fast, it is very cute. 
This morning I was visiting a friend and I asked Lexie to give 'auntie' a cookie. She did it and gave us a big grin! She was less cute last night with a huge screaming attack out of nowhere. I was home alone with her and she was in the big bed with me. All of a sudden she relaxed and went back to sleep, with loads of sobbing still...... She was her normal happy self again in the morning.

We ended up taking the bus to my friends' house because there were lots of other people waiting for a cab downstairs. All carrying small kids or pregnant so I couldn't try to steal one, hahaha. Now don't be too shocked!! It's all fair game here. People just ignore others and run for it. Very annoying but if you can't beat them...... 
A nice guy gave up his seat for us so all was well. I do feel that people are slightly nicer for each other lately. Or maybe it is just Lexie's cuteness bringing out the best in them ;)

I'm still amazed at the amount of clothes grandma and grandpa manage to put on Lexie. You'd think we're heading out for a polar excursion! Lexie doesn't seem to mind and I keep a close eye on her to prevent her from melting.

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