donderdag 10 januari 2013

Parts of week 1

One of Lexie's new toys seems to be a tennis racket. She sneaks into daddy's room to get one (plenty of choice there!) and then drags it around the house. Maybe it's time for baby sized rackets and soft balls soon?

This morning we went to the GWIC morning coffee. Daddy dropped us off. In this pic you can see our lovely parking garage ;) We had a good time and Lexie sat down for at least half an hour in total, very impressive. It may just have been that she loves the banana bread they serve there, haha. She also adopted an auntie to go play with and enthusiastically waved bye bye to me. Awesome, time out for mommy :) She went after 3 year old twins but they were not in the mood to play. Her 1 year old little brother was friendlier. He's Japanese and just had his hair shaven off to mark his 1st birthday. Mom wasn't happy with it!

Yesterday I went to HK for the Down screening test. Just another way to take a look at the new baby ;) The trip there was very smooth and even nice because I chatted with a grandpa the whole ride. He was very happy to meet me and I was happy to meet him too! He's an American citizen (doesn't really speak English though), used to be a doctor, was orphaned by a Japanese bomb attack, sings in 2 choirs and lived in Shenzhen when the whole town consisted of two streets.

Iced tea with Mickey location

After the train ride I walked to the hospital in a record 22 minutes.
That time could be improved by a few minutes if crossing the last big road, just in front of the hospital wouldn't be so mafan. Six lights to get to the other side!!! Major time loss :(

Boat ride to cross the river in GZ

After the screening that also included a blood test, I met up with Mickey. She's back 'home' in HK for a few days before going back to her other homes, around the globe. We had lunch, shopped a bit and strolled over the boulevard. It was good to see her in real life!

I decided to walk back to the station and to try an alternative route. Ahem, it turned out a bit too alternative for my taste but I found my way in the end...... I would not recommend walking most of it alone at night. Although it might be OK. Small alleyways behind buildings, only meters from where you want to go, but no way to get there from ground level.

I was happy to be home and to put Lexie to bed. I followed not too long after.

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