donderdag 21 februari 2013


This blog is coming to you from the beach :)
Yesterday late morning the rain finally stopped. It rained non stop for 24 hours.
The rest of the day was cloudy but we could spend some time at the beach.

Last night we went to a partially Dutch owned resort for dinner. Yup, bitter ballen,
nasi blokken and frikandel speciaal. Haha, very nice after so much time in Asia ;) I had the bitter ballen but they were just OK.

After dinner it started to rain again and it lasted the whole night. We were a bit worried but the rain stopped at 8.15 and an absolutely gorgeous day began.
UV index must be extreme by now so I'm sitting in the shade of some trees.

We did some snorkeling this morning but did not see anything special. It was nice to be in the water and to move around a bit.

Tonight is our last night on the island and we will try out another restaurant. Food here is nice and very international. I haven't woken up in the middle of the night feeling hungry once!!

Tomorrow it is back to Lexie and China.

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