maandag 25 februari 2013

Back to GZ

We got back late on Friday night after 2,5 hours delay. Lexie was sleeping and so were the grandparents on our couch. They only got our first text message saying that we'd be half an hour late.... The other ones must have gotten lost on the way to China. We tried to call as well but the connection was too bad. Well, we made so it was OK in the end.
Having fun at a restaurant
On Saturday we looked after Lexie and had a nice day together. Since there was no food in the house we went out for 'cheung fan' a kind of rice rolls with some stuffing.

Lexie enjoying cheung fan
For lunch I met up with Nicole. Lexie had a good time taking off her shoes and playing with the plant in the corner where we were sitting. We got very concerned looks from other Chinese guests. I think because I did not panic the instant Lexie took her sock off. She was playing by herself and was occupied with that. When she started to play with the rocks under the plant it was time to put her shoe back on, just in case ;) She also played with crayons a bit for the first time. The restaurant provided them.

All this playing and experimenting wore her out and she was asleep in no time on the cab ride back. I managed to carry her to our bed without her waking up. She ad a nice long nap before going outside to play.

Look at misses swing expert here!! I went a bit slow in the beginning but I think it was boring her. She was sitting tight and holding on well so I dared to let her go faster. She was happy and laughed a lot. Oh oooh, the need for speed is already present.....

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Yep welkom in de wereld van het spurten en rennen achter Lexie aan. Ze vliegen alle kanten op voordat je het in de gaten hebt :-)

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