zondag 3 maart 2013

Kindergarten time

On Saturday, 8.45 it was time for Lexie's first lesson at the kindergarten!
There are 2 groups going through a kind of orientation to let them get used to school. The second group starts at 11.00 but that time really messes up your day. She (that means we) will go every Saturday from now on. The exception is next Saturday because that is a free day after International Women's Day.
Nice planning as I'm going to Korea to visit Lida and Pieter that day.

Drawing with daddy
I sat with Lexie for the first part of the lesson. My lower back was not amused and got really achy. Grandma stepped in and daddy did the first part after the break. Lexie is not interested in sitting still so it was a bit of a struggle to keep her with me at the beginning of the lesson. It was a bit boring so I don't blame her; the teacher called all the children one by one and they had to walk to the teacher to get a sticker.

Grandma is the old headmistress of this kindergarten. It is affiliated to the sport association of Guangdong province. It is right next to a stadium and they have lessons in there as well. Pretty cool huh? Not just a tiny little lawn to play on but a whole football field. The current headmistress is friends with grandma so grandma is still in the loop. By now all the teachers know Lexie and me. Haiwen does business with the husband of the current kindergarten boss: he has a printing company.

The stadium as seen from the 4th floor.
Some stuff in the class was still a bit difficult for Lexie. They had to line up blocks in a pattern of red-blue-yellow. Lexie thought the blocks of her neighbors were far more interesting! 
Some typical chinese behaviour also occurred: the mom sitting next to us was taking pictures of Lexie, without asking me or Lexie of course. So rude!! And that during class, sigh.

Hallway of the 4th floor
When Lexie went to the teacher to collect her sticker the teacher remarked how beautifully white Lexie's face is...... Sigh, again. I guess there's a lot more of that lying ahead of us. Luckily it is meant well so I'll do my best to get used to it ASAP.

Yes, I'd like to sell my stock options, please.
After class we went out for dim sum. Grandpa came to join us as well.
The day started to turn worse for me as I had an achy back and pelvis pain. Not cool at all!!
I hope it was just because I was too tired as I couldn't sleep all night (I was too uncomfortable to drop off). I did sleep well last night and I feel a lot better right now. Maybe I'm just not accustomed to temperatures under 20C, brrrr. It got as low as 11C yesterday so that's pretty cold in these parts of the world. The temperature is supposed to go up to around 21C during daytime from tomorrow so maybe that will help.

And so it begins!

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