vrijdag 1 maart 2013

Interesting dinner conversation......

So, there was not much choice for me at the pigeon restaurant indeed. I ended up having rice with tofu. That was really gross so I added some sauce from another dish. That made it almost edible. My stomach was not happy once again so I sat there looking at the others munching away.
Turns out that Lexie really likes pigeon. Grandpa let her bite on a piece with bone still attached and she basically devoured it!! Definitely half Cantonese this lady........

The main topic on the way to the restaurant was the misbehaving of my gastrointestinal tract. 
One of the first questions was if it was indeed still expelling food faster than I can possibly digest it..... The answer, sadly, was yes.
The Chinese wording was rather direct but I'd like to keep this blog reader friendly ;)
Everybody was in on it, including Qiang's friend and two of mom in law's friends.
Yup, entertaining topic indeed.
I'm still not better and only had a few nibbles to eat today. Good thing is that it feels like they are being digested. Hurrah! It's been a week already so I'm really over this. 

Before today I was too crampy and too weak to work out. This afternoon I felt OK so I went for it. I'm pretty sure the purpose of my pregnancy app is to control the world's population by killing expecting moms and their babies. Man, it was tough!! I made it through two rounds of six exercises. Some stretching followed and all of a sudden I was in the mood for some yoga.
What do you do then? Simple: put on a youtube prenatal yoga video and follow it. It was nice but staying in Warrior II wasn't easy either.
"This pose is good to  practice  how to relax during contractions that will typically last 60-90 seconds."
Yup, thanks for that.

I'm also busy teaching today with one new English student followed by one clarinet student this morning. One more clarinet student coming up at 19.00.

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Ans zei

whahaha, you are so lucky to be THE entertaining subject! Take a deep breath and Don't take it serious. After all you live in a country where you are not allowed to wash your hair after giving birth ;-))