maandag 8 april 2013

First day at Kindergarten!

Little bit sleepy at 7.30
So Lexie just left for her first day at school. I almost managed to be happy for her when she was still here. A few sneaky tears escaped, but nothing major.

Mommy putting on a brave face
We woke up at 7.00 and Lexie had her morning milk. Then it was time to put on the school uniform. That is required on Monday's and Thursday's. I believe they raise the flag on those days. So much going on that I don't really know about yet!

Monday's and Thursday's are 'uniform' days!
Lexie has been in a completely mommy focussed mood for the last week. She said 'mamma baobao' at least 20 times a day. That means 'mommy I want a hug'. Of course!! Lexie is an excellent hugger so I happily obliged. Too bad my pelvis hurts like hell at times so I needed to divert some baobao's to daddy. Lexie did not always agree with this. If we were walking outside I couldn't do much for her but as soon as we are inside I can sit down and hug her. Lexie happy, mommy happy and pelvis happy!

Showing off her new backpack
Grandma spent a lot of time last week sowing Lexie's name tag into all of her clothes. Her name needs to be on every item she wears at school.

Looking very cute (her speciality)
The backpack and the uniform are standard school issue. She also has a school issued blanket for her afternoon nap, together with her class. They sleep in the classroom on a plank system with some cushioning. They eat breakfast at 8.30 and lunch is provided as well. She will be picked up at 16.30 today. I hope that she really likes it there. I think she will as she is very open to new things and she loves to explore and learn new stuff.
Bye bye!!
It's been a bit difficult for me because I'm the only Westerner here with a completely different background. What do you mean by going to school at 1,5 years young? What?!? Go until 16.30, are you nuts?? Where are the half days of getting used to school?
My plan is to see how Lexie responds. If I notice that she's too tired or unhappy I will take action and make her go less. If she's happy and looking for her backpack in the morning I'll play along in the Chinese game. Multi-culti really sucks at times!!

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