woensdag 10 april 2013

Day 3 at Kindergarten

It's Wednesday today and it marks day 3 of Lexie at Kindergarten.
She is doing great and mommy is doing much better too. It is amazing how much 'wiser' she seems in only 2 days of school. She's got this very bright look in her eyes and her posture is tall and proud! She is talking a lot, even compared to Sunday when she was happily mumbling away and saying 'mamma baobao' a lot.

The afternoon nap is is a bit difficult because they don't allow her to have a pacifier. I don't mind letting her have one for now since so much has changed in her life recently. She's only been getting it for sleeping for a long time already. If they want to deal with a frequently waking up Lexie, that is their problem. Come on, she's 1,5!! I do give it to her in the evening because she keeps crying and that's just too sad as she is completely pooped and in need of sleep. I'm guessing she is smart enough to get the difference soon: at school no pacifier, at home yes. And who knows, maybe she'll think sleeping without one is cooler soon.

Some pictures Lexie's teacher sent me

I've been let down by technology in our house because the DVD-player that will play the original(!) Dutch DVD's has died on us. Our stupid Philips DVD-player keeps claiming that our area codes are wrong. Do you have any idea how annoying that is?? You buy original stuff and then it gets blocked! Yes, some people do move around the globe and do not stay put on one continent. Almost enough reason to buy fakes only! So now Lexie only wants to see 喜洋洋 (xiyangyang). In Chinglish that is Pleasant goat and Big big wolf.

Nothing wrong with smart sheep never to be eaten by the stupid wolf but it is in Chinese...... She needs more Dutch input and I feel very responsible for that. I've put hubby on the case and I'll also ask grandpa for help. We can see episodes on digital TV so that is quite convenient. It is good for my Chinese but that is not the point here ;)

Lexie understands me perfectly fine but her only response in Dutch is 'nee!!' She will speak Chinese to me on all other accounts. 'Mamma zuozuo' which comes down to 'mommy come sit with me'. I repeat back 'mamma zitten' waiting for her to say it. Not very successful yet but I guess I'll have to keep it up. 'Mamma baobao' which means 'mommy I want a hug'. 'Gao gao ju' (Cantonese) is used when she wants to sleep. The list goes on with a mixture of Cantonese and Mandarin......

OK, my student is here, gotta go!

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