zondag 28 april 2013

First translating job

Last Monday I had my first ever paid translation job. I've been translating for friends on occasion for a long time already so I decided to give it a go. I translated for Anastasia who works for Cami music. I met her at the Asian Games Music Festival three years ago. 

First stop was (drumroll please.....) the GSO office! Yup, my old boss..... How fun!! It went fine as Cherry (his assistant) did most of the translating. We had discussed this beforehand and decided this was cool. Old boss man was very flattered with Anastasia's visit and he was in the best mood I've ever seen him in. He even smiled once. A very terrifying experience as I only know him shouting at us in a foul mood. He did manage to call me fat but apologized when Cherry told him that I'm pregnant.
Ugh, so glad to be rid of him :)

Next stop was the concert hall on the other side of the road. We met up with the lady that runs the hall. She could understand English pretty well, but speaking was a problem. I did my thing and we had a good meeting. They took us to lunch where she and Anastasia had fun reminiscing traditional Russian folk songs. We were in a bit of a rush because we had another meeting in Shenzhen at 16.30.
We made it on time and had a candid discussion with the no.2 of the hall there. No. 1 did show up at some point but that's about it........

Yay, my first day working as translator was over! Anastasia still had one more meeting but it got postponed to later that evening. Time to get dinner and a massage :) We found a good restaurant and enjoyed great food. Weird thing is that I was totally into mushrooms...... I usually hate them but not whilst pregnant!! They were extraordinarily well prepared so that helped as well. We had prepared our hanging out on Monday night well by hanging out on Sunday as well. That was Anastasia's first day off after traveling in China for almost 2 weeks straight. First she came over to meet Lexie and to see the airing of 'my' TV show. Then it was onto shopping, spa-ing and dining. Very nice to catch up in real life after such a long time!

On Tuesday morning we had a car to take us to HK. Anastasia still had some meetings (with fluent English speakers, so no help needed) and I needed to go to the hospital to draw some blood. We made good time so I had the luxury of being dropped off at the hospital. Ayaaa, time to say goodbye again!
Until we meet next time..........

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