woensdag 24 april 2013

TV show

Last Sunday at noon the program 珠江记事 (ZhuJiangJiShi=Pearl River Story) was about me and my life in Guangzhou.

I found the program online today so I took some screenshots and short video's. I will try to upload the video's but forgive me if it doesn't work due to our very sad internet 'speed'.

I'm sorry, the video's are not uploading at all..... Hope you enjoy the pics.
The show is posted at: Show!
I'm not sure if the video will play outside of China. Oh, the trouble people go through to keep each other disconnected!!!

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Ans zei

Inderdaad niet te zien ;-( in Hong Kong.
Jammer. Maar ik voel me nu ook een beetje een BN'er, je zat gisteren nog bij mij op de bank!