maandag 1 april 2013


Qiang with the coffee machine
The new coffee shop is open! The Chinese name is 小熊家 that means 'home of the little bear'.

It is located in the mall opposite the East railway station, on the side with the waterfall.
Near Ikea, so to say. There's a Fine Foods and a KFC on that side. Go downstairs behind the KFC and you'll see it right there!

The coffee is good, no Chinese water crap, so to say. The coffee machine is the same one as used in IN cafe before. They also sell some small snacks and refreshing cold drinks. There are some seats outside and a few inside as well.

I went there today as well. Grandpa was home in time to watch Lexie so I didn't have her here for her nap. Since it's a bit boring to be home alone on Easter I asked Haiwen if he had time for lunch. Since the office in Holland is closed today, he had some time to spare. We had lovely dim sum at the Hilton and then went to Hommy's.

Fly away!!!
I took the bus home and it took a bit too long.... That meant I really had to pee when I arrived at ZhongHai. I went up to grandma's because walking home wasn't going to work ;)
Lexie was awake and came with me. We played with the swings for a bit and then went to get coffee. Well, water for Lexie and coffee for me. She did  great. I gave her some leaves to tear apart and walked around with her a little bit in between.

Terrace training went very well :)
She wanted to sit in one of those baby play cars on the way home. I gave her a 1 RMB bill and told her to go change it for a coin. She walked right into the shop and came back with a coin. Smart girl!

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