maandag 1 april 2013

The week.....

Wow, it's Monday morning again and finally I can write something. The last week was very busy! Qiang's new coffee shop opened last Saturday so you can imagine how much had to be done last week. Grandma and grandpa helped a lot so I got to spend a lot of time with Lexie. Very nice, but no time to write ;)
I will write a separate post on the new shop.

Chilling out at lunch
On Monday my student cancelled last minute so I was not amused. I was supposed to meet Lieke who is back in town but she only had a little bit of time between working and factory visits. As you can guess the time that she did have had the lesson smack in the middle of it! We met up on Tuesday instead and the student came by on Wednesday. Lexie is now old enough to be here when I'm teaching. She'll sit on my lap to check out what mommy is doing with the 'stranger' in the house. After a while she decides that it is OK and goes to play.

On Tuesday we went to Vlife, where they have some nice seats to keep toddlers busy for a bit ;)
It was nice to catch up and Lieke also brought groceries from the Netherlands! Yup, stroop levels are no longer dangerously low. I saw Liliana sitting downstairs by herself so I invited her up to join us. Her friend was a bit late but came by as well. We all had a nice little chat together. Lexie was wearing a Dora apron that auntie Lieke got for her. Very cute.

I'd say that Lexie is now 98% potty trained. The worst morning last week was Thursday or Friday with a grand total of four wet pants :( Mommy was not amused at all, I'll tell you that much!
Well yeah, parenting is not always fun so I stuck with it. No diapers, except when she's sleeping (and those mostly stay dry anyway).

We (Haiwen and me) were a bit worried about Lexie's training over the weekend because we were out all the time. Haiwen still had a coupon for a night at the Westin and we thought this was a good night to use it; just after our anniversary, the coffee shop opening up close by and Easter (and dad's birthday!).

It went remarkably well and not a single accident occurred. You see, the weekend before a lot of the training got undone by being outside with a diaper on too much. On Monday Lexie was a bit confused and I think it resulted in three wet pants....

Now she says 'babaa' (poo, which for Lexie also means pee) and then it is time to go. She did it twice this morning already, even after just waking up! During the weekend she had a few 'fake' babaa's as well as I think she likes the process of us taking her to the toilet now. It still is a bit of a game to her. Sometimes when we get there she just wants to 'xixi shou = 洗洗手= wash wash hands' But hey, at 17 months that is pretty cool!
Guangzhou emerging from the mist, seen from the GZ tower
At the hotel Haiwen got us an upgrade so we had a very cool room on the executive floor with access to the executive lounge as well. It was a bit quiet up there.... There was food but whenever mommy or daddy went to get some Lexie started calling out pretty loudly: mamma! mamma! mamma! or pappa! pappa! pappa! Oops.... well yeah, what can you do. I always think that I've been tortured by other peoples babies before in much worse ways ;)

On Sunday Lexie wasn't a happy camper. She absolutely hated the swimming pool and would not stop crying until we just had to leave. Later I had to wake her up from her nap at 16.10 because we needed to check out at 16.30. Many, many tears followed. A quick snack in the lounge was not successful. I had forgotten to eat lunch after a very nice breakfast........ She was crying and screaming. We tried everything to calm her down but nothing worked. We just took her out to the lobby and even outside in turns. In the end I gobbled down my samosa's and we left for a work dinner.

School is cool!
Thank goodness I ate something first. The dinner was a buffet but to be honest I didn't feel like eating any of it. It was all a bit (very) icky.
Lexie had calmed down a lot but was not her old self at all. Haiwen managed to find some edible stuff and after a little while we went home.

I was exhausted so Haiwen called in the grandparents to help give Lexie a bath. He had to go out for some errands so that was a good plan. My pelvis was doing a lot better after soaking in the tub at the Westin a few times but after all the crying and cuddling it was pretty achy again. Trying to bathe a cranky, slippery baby did not sound like a solid plan (ouch!!!).

Lexie slept well last night and seemed to be all right this morning. Grandma just picked her up but she'll be back at noon. So now I'd better go get some cookies in the oven!

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