donderdag 9 mei 2013


Well. that was not a great week!! I spent it coughing and feeling bad. That's about all for me, very interesting, I know ;)

Almost 2 weeks ago
It's not been easy to get some sleep (coughing/peeing/coughing/peeing.....) so I had no energy whatsoever. All resources are going to little one no.2 (as they should) so mommy was not much more than a not so well functioning incubator. Or very well functioning, depending how you look at it.

Early morning
Luckily Lexie got over her cold much faster, after producing very impressive amounts of snot, hahaha.
She's still doing great in school and is very happy with her life as it is now.

I played a concert with a youth orchestra in XingHai last week so at least I've played there every year since we moved here ;) The guards are still major assholes but I did manage to get inside to join the rehearsal and concert. It was fun but too tiring and I hurt my back. We needed to change seats a lot due to different ensemble sizes. In the rehearsal I had a little pillow for my back but decided not to take it on stage during the concert. That turned out to be a stupid mistake. I was fine for a long time but due to speeches and unexpected repeats the concert lasted too long for me. Ouch!!!!

I decided not to take the pillow because every seat change involved taking my clarinet (obviously), cleaning cloth, cigaret paper and reed cap. I felt it would be too much to add a pillow to that. There were also 4 different conductors so we were standing up a lot when they changed as well. Yup, pillow falling on the floor......  In hindsight I should have just done it but yeah, too late!

'Don't park your bikes here'
On Sunday Haiwen and I had a nice lunch in RokuRoku. I get hungry these days but most food doesn't appeal to me. I do have a thing for Beef Fumiyaki (the restaurant made that name up). It's thinly sliced beef with onions and it is super yummy. Finally I felt a bit satisfied food wise. Lexie and grandma were hanging out at Hommy's (they don't appreciate the yumminess of RokuRoku) so we picked them up after lunch and went home.
19.20 after skipping her afternoon nap
The rest of the week was basically a haze of bed, couch, snot, coughing, TV series and dizziness.
Hope to report better news next time!!

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