dinsdag 14 mei 2013

Nice weekend

Not sure if this 'pimp my ride' worked out for the better ;)
Lexie was supposed to sleep here on Friday night but she refused to leave after her bath and was climbing in bed already. Grandma called me if it was OK for her to stay. I didn't mind after a HongKong check up day. I did see her at dinner and we had some nice cuddles so all was good.
Grandpa giving Lexie a drink in between intensive playing on court
On Saturday morning daddy was playing tennis and we joined in on the fun. The tennis court is on the 2nd floor so I need help to carry Lexie up. Of course grandpa was more than happy to do that. HW carried up the stroller because I needed that to take her home. There were no people on the other court so Lexie had a lot of space to run and chase balls. Grandpa taught her to 'throw' balls over the net and she bounced some balls off the tennis racket with my help. Grandpa left and we played some more.

Iced tea!!! (Don't tell grandma)
When we were done playing daddy and his tennis friend carried Lexie and the stroller down. Lexie can walk for quite a long time but she also wants to be picked up and carried from time to time. Problem is that my lower back is on the edge of what is humanly possible already with no.2 inside me. So, stroller it was! We played at home and waited for daddy to come back. Later we all went out for lunch where Lexie ate most of daddies rice with egg and shrimps.

She climbed up by herself and started playing!
Lexie has discovered that crying is a way to get her way (so to say). The only problem is that it doesn't work on me but it sends the grandparents into a 'calm Lexie down' frenzy. I just hold her and tell her I'm not impressed and that it is not working. Yup, horrible mommy ;)

Some light reading at Hommy's
Good news is that Lexie's sleep schedule is pretty solid now. Weekend naps are also back on. Nice, so we can take her out late afternoon/early evening and actually have fun together. After her nap on Saturday we went to Hommy's for a bit.

On Sunday she had her nap at grandma's because Haiwen took me out for delicious dim sum at the Hilton. Afterwards we stopped by at Hommy's again. Dim sum is great but there's no ice cream for dessert.... One floor down from Hommy's there's yummy ice cream from New Zealand :) We did have coffee first and got the ice cream on the way out. As we were leaving Qiang's friend stopped us to wait for my flowers :)

A rare pic.....
It was supposed to be a surprise for family dinner later in the evening but this way was easier.
Maybe better for the flowers as well as it is quite hot out these days.

Yay, flowers!!! (From Qiang's friend.... HW still needs to learn)
Dinner was nice as we checked out a new restaurant called SaLaLa. We sat outside which was only possible due to a gentle breeze. Lexie had fun running around with her aunties and grandpa.
Qiang took some nice pics that I will post in the next blog.

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