vrijdag 31 mei 2013


Last Sunday I finally had some time to get my nails done. I found this scene in front of the shop!! The water kept going for at least an hour, oops! Apparently it is OK to have some polish on your feet these days because I wasn't buried by negative comments on how bad that would be for the baby. What was bad however was the fan to make the polish dry faster. I also wasn't allowed to put my feet on the ground. The reason? 'Cold' feet are bad for the baby. Uhm, yes. It is about 32 C outside so I think I'll be OK. I was enjoying the coolness of the marble floor!!

May 27th, 32,5 weeks
On Tuesday I went to teach in HuangPu for the last time in a while. The journey over there is too tiring now. Haiwen brings me to a metro stop about 20 minutes away and then I take the metro for half an hour more. A short walk takes me to the school. The first thing I did there was turning the AC full on! I was happy and so were the students. Poor things. They came in all red faced and sweaty. The classes were OK but the group 16 year olds can be a bit annoying. Since it was so hot the head teacher told me to keep the lessons a bit short. So all through the class they were being teenagers (a few sweet ones aside) but when I said the class was over they were all like 'oh noooo, we can't stop yet'. Pfffff. Happy I'm not a confused teenager anymore!

Citic Plaza with clouds
So now for the main news in this blog! The name of little one no.2........


We've had many brainstorm sessions to come up with a nice name after Lexie and that works in 4 languages (Dutch, English, Cantonese and Mandarin). We had a few other ones but they were dismissed quickly.

New preggy dress!
The inlaws have some trouble pronouncing it but Lexie wasn't easy for them at first either.
We came up with a Chinese name as well:

Feng XiaoLan

The 'Xiao' is the same one as in Lexie's Chinese name (冯晓茜). It is tradition that siblings share the first character of their name. 'Lan' comes from 'Helan' which means Holland. We tried to find a nice character with the compound of west (西) in it but there are no nice ones left. So 'Lan' represents the western part of Isabelle. 'Lan' also means Orchid so that's pretty too!

Miss Lexie Feng
Lexie is doing great. Some minor tantrums but luckily they are rare. It is amazing how big she is already! Only when she's sleeping does she look like the baby she was just a moment ago.

Playing at 'didi's' house
Her best friend is 'didi' (younger brother). He lives in the next building from grandma's and he's about 13 months old now. Grandma and didi's grandma are friends. Lexie laughs her head off when I'm 'talking' with didi because he only makes little screams. I don't always join the play dates because Lexie is busy with didi and grandma is busy with her friend. I feel kinda weird hanging around then.

@ school
What is the opposite of hibernation? By opposite I mean change winter into summer.....That is what I feel like doing. Sleeeeeeeeeeep!!! Just now I slept until 10.20 and I would have slept more if Haiwen hadn't called. His call was very welcome though because he had great news: our house in HK will be done on time!! Hurrah :) :)

Lunch with the inlaws
Yesterday morning grandma called me to ask if I'd like to join them for lunch. Why not? Better get out of the house at times. We went to a Japanese restaurant in the neighborhood. They are into online deals now so they bought a 'salmon package deal'. I had some other stuff. Back to sashimi in about 2 months, yihaa!

Having fun in preparation for Children's day on June 1st
It is Children's day tomorrow and the kindergarten prepared a fun week for the kids. On Wednesday they had a puppet show and yesterday they practiced for a performance. Lexie is a bit too young for that but she had a blast anyway.

Rock attitude!!
Today they are serving a buffet for lunch. Lexie seems to have my good taste :P
She refused to drink soy milk (yuck!) and also won't eat different kinds of gourds (double yuck!!).
Smart girl! :)

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