vrijdag 24 mei 2013

No HongKong this week!

It's Friday morning and I'm celebrating NOT being on a train to HK right now. Last check up was 2 weeks ago and the doc wanted to set up a new check up for today. I already knew that I didn't want to go since everything is fine. It is a lot more taxing on me to drag my preggo a*s over there these days....

32 weeks
I can do it of course but it is a waste of energy to travel for 5 hours total, wait for ? hours just to have my belly touched for 2 minutes and get told that everything is fine (since I already know that!)
The rhesus factor issue (I'm - Lexie is +) is under control as well so I'll be going in in another two weeks time. I have a whole day of hospital fun planned then: Rhogum shot (to make sure I don't make anti bodies), check up and another check up. It's hard to say how long I'll have to wait between all those fun activities so I'm taking a late train back to GZ that day.

On Wednesday I went out with Dima and Moni. Dima (Sitkovetsky) is the conductor this week and Moni started working at the orchestra when I left. We took a black cab to a nice Japanese restaurant and had a lot of fun. For Moni and me it was the first time in a black cab since it is not smart to take one by yourself. With the 3 of us it was no problem at all. After dinner we couldn't get a cab either; we were very close to a sports stadium and the match had just ended, oops. We got on the metro and that was fine. Back at the hotel there was a queue for the cabs but Moni went to talk to a hotel guy about getting me a cab quickly. I was ushered inside to wait sitting down and in the AC. Haha, I'd better enjoy these 2 last months! Hotel guy came by after a little while and walked me to the cab, as the other people in line were still waiting. Aaaah, the power of the belly :) It was quite late by then so I was happy to be on my way home.

When I got home I got struck by a typical 3rd trimester mafan: insomnia!!! The second my exhausted head hot the pillow I was mega awake. 'Let's go camping and hiking' awake. Grrrrrr...... I played some games on my phone and waited for drowsiness to set in. Around 2 AM I finally fell asleep, only to be bright awake again at 5.30...... Lexie and Haiwen were sleeping away happily.

I lasted the whole day (couldn't get in a nap either) but around 19.30 I started to fade. I went to bed on time and slept allllll the way to 6.30. Not bad. I'm still a bit sleepy now so I think I'll head back for a bit ;) Just catching zzzzz's when I can!!

I'm looking forward to the concert tonight. Dima's good friend Mischa Maisky is the soloist. I haven't heard him play live yet but I'm expecting it to be very good :)

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