zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Happy in da Kong

I've slept for 2 nights in a row! Thanks for the vibes :)
Yesterday I felt completely knackered though, even after sleeping about 8 hours. My body was probably in shock about actually sleeping........
Today I'm doing better again.

Auntie and I headed for the hospital for a check up yesterday. Everything is fine. The confirmation of this fact took about an hour and a half of waiting time. The check up itself took about 2 minutes:

'Poke, poke belly and check Isabelle's heart beat'

Done! Yeah...... I'm supposed to go in next week again but if I feel fine I will cancel the day before. The doc carefully agreed with me on this. She did say it is their policy to check every week in the end but it may indeed be a waste of me energy and time if I feel fine. So we made an appointment anyway just in case I feel I need to see the doc.

Blog typing view
At lunch we met up with Molly who got her visa done this week. All went well and she's in the mainland again. We took a cab back and chilled out here for a bit, as I was more dead than alive at one point.

We decided that the Cheung Kwan O malls needed another visit. Me for a haircut and Molly for a top that she had seen and liked. It turned out that the places were a ways apart so Molly took the metro for one more stop.

I found a hairdresser that looked OK from the outside. Not mega fancy but also not too shabby. I had to wait again but that was no problem. I did have to leave the salon once to go pee..... 

The service was fine and afterwards I was hungry (and needed to pee yet again). I stopped by at a 'casual Japanese restaurant' and had a snack with Lemon Iced Tea. It was very good and I was impressed by their selection of drinks. 80% of which I can't try right now ;)

I leisurely strolled back to the metro and went home.

The result
It is really hot outside today but I'm watching the weather from inside the comfort of my AC. I did buy some groceries this morning so that's already one walk taken care of.

I had really yummy greek yoghurt with blueberries as a snack. So happy! In China it is impossible to find decent yoghurt (you know, the kind that actually looks and tastes like yoghurt....).
The yoghurt arrived at 21.50 last night with the delivery guy of Park 'n Shop. Ans recommended their service so I gave it a go. The guy called me on the way over because he wasn't sure that building 10 was correct. I told him it was correct in my best Cantonese, ahem. Phone calls are the most difficult!! I've had some people on the phone this week looking for Haiwen. I can tell them he's in GZ and what his number is. Sometimes that is enough but at other times they rattle on and on..... When that happens I ask them if they can speak Mandarin or English. The result is mostly some stammering followed by a "we'll try later". I'm pretty shocked at how bad both Mandarin and English levels are here.

Another thing that makes me happy is the internet here. Everything just works. No messing around with VPN, no silly censorship and speed that is worthy of the nomination 'speed'.

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Mickey zei

The appartment looks nice Joke!

Ans zei

Gelukt dus met Park'nshop! Yeah!!